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Bio Hazard Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaniing

CorCleaning provides a specialised crime scene clean-up service. There has been a great demand for our services from Housing Associations, undertakers and Police forces throughout the country as we are one of the few companies and the only company in South Wales to be members of the National Acadamy of Crime Scene Cleaning who specialise in the crime scenes and areas exposed to violent deaths.

In police cells, all body fluids are disinfected and removed leaving the cell completely sanitised. We can also disinfect areas contaminated with body lice and other microscopic infestations and viruses.

We handle the complete task of Bio-Recvery, and can have all damaged property replaced, re-painted for insurance purposes after cleaning. CorCleaning handles all incineration of contaminated items, or uses another approved registered waste carrier where necessary.

All rooms are fogged to deodorise and a complete removal of all property is also available.

All our cleaning staff are insured and vaccinated against Hepatitis B, and trained by NACSC for the handling of hazardous materials, such as body fluids or hypodermic needles infected with HIV or Hepatitas. Remember value for money doesnt always mean the cheapest.

Accommodation Sanitising

A specialised clean up is required at properties where there has been an accumulation of litter, foodstuffs, debris and waste and associated infestions.

We enter buildings following either eviction or evaluations of tenants where the property is in a filthy state, the complete clean up and removal of all waste is conducted proptly and professionally. The accommodation can be cleaned up to any degree that you required. If the tenant is prone to re-fouling the premises, a simple collection of all waste is carried out, but where a tenant is offered home help and a daily visits the accommodation is cleaned throughly, with all surfaces being cleaned and sanitised and all carpets vacuumed and deep cleaned to give the tenant a new start as it were.

As lisensed waste carriers we remove all waste from accommodation. Using an atomizing fogging machine we can also de-odourisecomplete houses when this service is required.

Hypodermic Needle Collection

This service is often required during property restoration work. CorCleaning provides this service to many different clients including housing associations. It is extremely important to acknowledge that this work should NOT be undertaken by anyone other than specialists. The risk from contaminated drug user paraphernalia is high and disposal of contaminated items can only be undertaken by licensed waste carriers.

Hazardous Waste Removal

CorCleaning provides a specialised service throughout South Wales.

We are currently one of the only qualified companies in Wales to clean up body fluids that may be contaminated with HIV or Hepatitas B.

We offer complete service, where by we remove and replce all damaged proprty.

Obviously this is a very sensitive area, and our trained staff are on hand 24 hours a day.

CorCleaning provides a service to many drop-in centers and housing associations where we clean up body fluid spills, such as vomit, urine, faeces and blood that may cause a potential health hazard to other users of their premises.

For more information on these services please call free on 01792 466 510

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